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When gaslighting is chef Pete Evans’ only defense to credible health science, it's time to step up against his marketing BS and the harmful health impacts for confused consumers.

This week chef Pete Evans resorted to personal gaslighting to refute comments I made on his Facebook post relating to the newly published study in JAMA about water fluoridation on IQ. His attempts to hack the medical ecosystem are dangerous. Here’s why his unregulated health advice needs to be stopped.

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Root cause on Netflix is a show that has put the jigsaw puzzle pieces together in the wrong way

I finally watched the Netflix show Root Cause. It’s an anti-root canal documentary and I’m a dentist whose done my fair share of root canal therapy (RCT) in my career. I’ve also studied naturopathy, homeopathy and have a degree in Chinese Medicine. This show refers to all these alternative treatments. Here’s my take on the merits of the shows claims and risks of RCT

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