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Our Story

Our Goal

To provide you an express link to independent professional dental advice, anywhere.

Our Mission

To bridge the oral health knowledge and access gaps between consumers and dental professionals, to improve dental services and wellbeing for all Australians.

Our Values

We value simplicity, transparency and quality in healthcare.

Our Service

FaceWell Teledentistry is an online dental screening and advice, health promotion and triage service for any Australian, anywhere, or anyone travelling within Australia, who finds accessing traditional dental care challenging for any reason. 

Services are undertaken via a digital communication platform using secure video software. All that's needed is a smart device connected to a reliable WiFi internet source.

It's very much like Skype for dentistry.

The Problem We're Solving

Age, health status, cultural background, physical location, everyday demands of life, fear of the dentist and financial considerations are many of the major reasons Australians delay or avoid going to the dentist.

Internet searches and attempts at self-diagnosis can provide conflicting and confusing health information for most people.

The impacts of oral disease on associated total body health, and vice versa, are increasingly being found and linked. This is often measured by the presence and severity of inflammation, the common sign of all chronic diseases.

The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body. Oral health is a barometer of total body wellbeing. Dentists are often the first to detect these changes.

Our Solution

FaceWell Teledentistry lowers the barriers to accessing professional dental advice for all Australians, anywhere

The platform provides a convenient, easy-to-access, stress-free, no obligation, cost-effective way to speak with a dental professional and receive specific, accurate information about personal oral health queries. 

The service empowers consumers, through evidenced-based knowledge, to make informed health choices and seek quality oral health outcomes.

The impact will lower the cost and burden of dental disease for users and insurers, and improve the patient care and workflows for practitioners. 

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Our Founder

FaceWell Christine Portrait Pic.jpg

Principal Dentist Dr Christine May BDS(Hons) USyd BHSc(TCM) UTS

Hi!  After twenty years working in the dental industry across Australia, I've become an enthusiastic advocate for mouth-body wellbeing: improving health via knowledge of the links between oral health and total body wellness.  I have extensive career experience in general, cosmetic, special needs, complex and HIV dental medicine, aged care, dental phobia management and rural and remote dentistry.

I also have qualifications in Chinese medicine and facial injectables. I've completed advanced courses in dental sleep medicine, orofacial myology, integrative nutrition, naturopathy, yoga and massage.

I'm a health writer and have had articles published in the media. Check out the FaceWell blog or my personal website for more.

I've been a clinical educator at Sydney University and give lectures to the profession on integrative dental medicine topics.

I'm based in Sydney. I enjoy fitness, food, house music, dancing, riding my vespa, and exploring new places and cultures around the globe, especially when it's not beach weather at home.  


Industry Memberships

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Our Services

Online Dental Consults

FaceWell Teledentistry consults take place via a secure video link emailed to you or accessed via your digital calendar.

All you need is a smart device such as a phone, tablet or laptop, with an internet connection. No other special equipment, software or apps are needed. 

Oral Health Screening & Advice

Get specific expert dental advice from a very experienced dentist about your particular concern. Get a provisional condition diagnosis, treatment options, fact sheets and resources to help your decision making process easier. Saving you time and confusion searching "Dr Google".

Specialist Health Practitioner Referrals

We can provide referrals direct to dental and medical specialists, so you can get your health issue resolved faster.

We can match you with a health professional that best meets your needs based on location, languages spoken, clinic access, specialty areas and other bespoke services, for peace-of-mind and convenience.

Diagnostic Services

We can provide referrals for a range of diagnostic services  covered by Medicare to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and time. Most will be bulk-billed, however a gap payment may apply to some services.

Radiology (X-Rays)

We can provide a referral to  your nearest radiology centre to get your OPG, standard dental and CBCT cranial imaging needed for many dental procedures. 

Sleep Studies

We can provide referrals for sleep studies to be completed either at home, or at an observational centre convenient for you.

Medical certificates

Can be provided on request, following a video consult.

Mouth-Body Healthcare

The mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. The mouth is also a barometer of the level of inflammation throughout your body. Oral disease impacts on total body health and vice versa.

We keep abreast of the latest scientific and clinical findings regarding the links between mouth-body health so we can give you the most up-to-date advice for your wellbeing.


We can prescribe medications to get you out of pain and an infection under control, if you can't get to a dentist quickly. 

We can organise a pharmacy prescription for you to pick up medications at the chemist of your choice.


Whether you're an Australian travelling overseas, or an international traveller in Australia, we can provide some local expertise to help you with your dental emergency until you get home.

Written Reports

You will be provided with a written report of all findings and images from the consult that you can keep for your records and share with other health practitioners. This will be emailed to you.  This can be printed and mailed to you if preferred, for a surcharge.

Fact Sheets & Resources

We have a range of fact sheets, blog articles and curated online resources to help you bridge the dental knowledge gap about your oral health condition. 

These may be attached to your written report following your online consult where relevant. 

Private Health Fund & Veterans' Affairs Rebates Apply

Our teledentistry consult and diagnostic services are billable under a number of item codes. Check with your participating Private Health Insurer or Veterans' Gold Card or White Card for your eligibility. You may have no gap or only a small co-payment to pay us for our services.

Dental Phobia Help

We're very aware a visit to the dentist can be an experience that ranges from mild unpleasantness to extreme paranoia for many people. 

We have information and tools to share with you to help. We can refer you to psychologists who are experienced to assist you in overcoming dental anxiety and phobia.

Dietary Advice

We can help with suggestions for eating to improve oral and total body health, or refer you to a specialist nutritionist.

Provisional Dental Treatment Cost Estimates

Dental treatment option quotes can be provided with estimated item numbers for you to access the health fund co-payment amount for your plan, for a surcharge.

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Professional Health Partners

We value simplicity, transparency and quality in healthcare

We've utilised our extensive professional network to provide you the opportunity to connect with the most trustworthy, reliable, effective, friendly, value-for-money, quality health practitioners across Australia. 

We've screened our healthcare partners for excellence in infection control and practice management, customer experience, ease of office access, continuing professional development, aesthetic and functional results, communications skills, including multilingual capabilities and niche specialities or expertise.

We know you will be reassured about your healthcare with these practitioners. Giving you confidence that together we can work towards resolving your specific issue as well as possible.

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Dental Professionals

Our referral dentists,  oral therapists, hygienists, prosthetists and specialists work in practices that demonstrate daily excellence in infection control, communication and patient experience. They have a minimum of three years professional experience.  They undertake more than twenty hours per year of professional development. They will likely have additional skills in areas such as special needs, aged care, dental sleep medicine, craniofacial pain, tongue ties, or advanced restorative and cosmetics.

Medical Doctors

These general practitioners and specialists can most easily be accessed online via Docto or GP2U. Where a physical consult is required, our partner doctors like to work collaboratively. They understand the importance of mouth-body health. They have at least three years of postgraduate professional experience. They undertake regular professional development each year. They will likely have additional skills in areas such as special needs, geriatrics, paediatrics, rural and remote medicine, and more. 

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Allied Health Professionals

These health professionals are registered with AHPRA. They have skills and knowledge that assist in re-establishing orofacial health in an adjunctive supportive capacity, by treating the rest of the body. Practitioners such as psychologists, chiropractors, osteopaths, optometrists, physiotherapists, chinese medicine practitioners and more. They are experienced at working collaboratively with dentists to best meet the needs of clients. They understand and value the importance of mouth-body health.

Complementary Health Practitioners

We understand that some health problems can be greatly supported by complementary therapies including exercise, nutrition, herbs, massage, or a good listening ear. We've partnered with experienced practitioners who understand intimately how their modality impacts and intersects with mainstream medical science and can communicate their findings in ways that other health modalities understand. They are active members of governance bodies such as AACMAATMS or ANTA and maintain regular annual professional development.

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Helping you anywhere

Any Australian, anywhere, or anybody visiting Australia, can benefit from a FaceWell Teledentistry consult. We give you online access to independent professional dental advice. Our services are especially helpful to you in the following situations:

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Busy living daily life

with or without the family to sit in traffic or get to a face-to-face appointment

FaceWell remote image.PNG

Living in a rural or remote location

hours to the nearest health service

FaceWell assisted living.png

Living with assisted help

such as aged care, disabilities, recuperating from illness or complex medical needs

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Australians anywhere in the world, or international guests within Australia

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Oral health maintenance in retirement

set yourself up to maximise travel and leisure

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Special needs coordination

simplifying mouth care so everyone can keep smiling!

FaceWell workplace image.PNG

Workplace wellness

reduce time away from your team, clients and life purpose

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School oral health screenings

because oral health, habits and facial development can set the course for future life health

FaceWell LGBTQIA+ flag website large.png

LGBTQIA+ oral health

sexuality and gender-focused oral health needs

FaceWell indigenous girl image.jpg

Indigenous oral health

tailored dental advice for the first Australians

FaceWell cultural diversity image.PNG

Language & cultural considerations

language translation services, religious, societal or culturally specific needs in mouth-body health

FaceWell Young Couple website.png

Oral health in family planning

help optimise fertility

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