Helping you anywhere

Any Australian, anywhere, or anybody visiting Australia, can benefit from a FaceWell Teledentistry consult. We give you online access to independent professional dental advice. Our services are especially helpful to you in the following situations:

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Busy living daily life

with or without the family to sit in traffic or get to a face-to-face appointment

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Living in a rural or remote location

hours to the nearest health service

FaceWell assisted living.png

Living with assisted help

such as aged care, disabilities, recuperating from illness or complex medical needs

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Australians anywhere in the world, or international guests within Australia

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Oral health maintenance in retirement

set yourself up to maximise travel and leisure

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Special needs coordination

simplifying mouth care so everyone can keep smiling!

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Workplace wellness

reduce time away from your team, clients and life purpose

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School oral health screenings

because oral health, habits and facial development can set the course for future life health

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LGBTQIA+ oral health

sexuality and gender-focused oral health needs

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Indigenous oral health

tailored dental advice for the first Australians

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Language & cultural considerations

language translation services, religious, societal or culturally specific needs in mouth-body health

FaceWell Young Couple website.png

Oral health in family planning

help optimise fertility