Integrative Dentistry

True healing comes from personalising care and applying the best tools for your particular health situation



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Integrative medicine is a philosophy of healthcare with a focus on individual patient care. It combines the best of conventional western medicine with evidence-based complementary medicine and therapies.

AIMA - Australian Integrative Medicine Association

AKA #lifeblend

Integrative dentistry is the application of integrative medicine to the field of dentistry. It’s particularly useful for chronic conditions that don’t respond well to conventional therapies - ongoing face or mouth pain, soft tissue complaints, recurrent tooth decay or gum disease despite good oral hygiene practices, and more!

Integrative dentistry explores the mouth-body connection between health and illness. Awareness of the impact - positive or negative - of ailments in and around the mouth on systemic health conditions and vice versa is key.

Understanding the influence of lifestyle factors such as stress, diet, habits and exercise on mouth health will translate to total body health improvements. Finding and sustaining the right combo just for you is the artistry applied to creating your personal wellness lifeblend.


Same disease, different treatment. Different disease, same treatment.

Chinese medicine proverb 

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Dr Christine May integrates a deep knowledge of dentistry and western medical science along with complementary therapies including:

  • Chinese medicine - including acupuncture, meridian and element theory, herbal medicine, diet and exercise

  • Naturopathy - including herbal medicine, homeopathy, diet and exercise

  • Integrative nutrition

  • Exercise therapy and yoga - a branch of Ayurvedic medicine

  • Physical therapies - tuina (Chinese) and shiatsu (Japanese) massage

 **PLEASE NOTE: bookings with Christine are made via the ViDe Virtual Dentistry Australia platform. You will be automatically redirected via the booking button link above. Consults take place exclusively online via video and secure messaging. For any “hands-on” treatment required you will be referred to a suitable practitioner at a location convenient to you wherever you are in Australia.

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