About FaceWell & Dr Christine May

FaceWell Goal

To help you look well, feel well and be well in daily life.

FaceWell Mission

To improve your knowledge about oral health, reduce the barriers to accessing professional dental care and help provide the opportunity to experience the best possible care for your situation starting with telehealth technology.

FaceWell Values

Simplicity, transparency and quality in healthcare.

FaceWell Services

FaceWell Integrative Dentistry is an enhanced holistic mouth-body connection approach to dental care. Consults are exclusively with Dr Christine May via video consult. Hands on care is provided by other practitioners via referral in your local area.

FaceWell Teledentistry is an online dental screening and advice, health promotion and triage service for any Australian, anywhere, or anyone travelling within Australia, who finds accessing traditional dental care challenging for any reason. 

Services are undertaken via a digital communication platform using secure video software. All that's needed is a smart device connected to a reliable WiFi internet source.

It's very much like Skype for dentistry.

FaceWell Websites And Content (mHealth) is a service for dental practices and other health businesses in need of accurate, well researched and engaging content to convey dental information.

The Problem FaceWell Is Solving

Age, health status, cultural background, physical location, everyday demands of life, fear of the dentist and financial considerations are many of the major reasons Australians delay or avoid going to the dentist.

Internet searches and attempts at self-diagnosis can provide conflicting and confusing health information for most people.

The impacts of oral disease on associated total body health, and vice versa, are increasingly being found and linked. This is often measured by the presence and severity of inflammation, the common sign of all chronic diseases.

The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body. Oral health is a barometer of total body wellbeing. Dentists are often the first to detect these changes.

FaceWell Solution

FaceWell Teledentistry, Integrative Care & Health Content lowers the barriers to accessing professional dental advice for all Australians, anywhere

The platform provides a convenient, easy-to-access, stress-free, no obligation, cost-effective way to speak with a dental professional and receive specific, accurate information about personal oral health queries. 

The service empowers consumers, through evidenced-based knowledge, to make informed health choices and seek quality oral health outcomes.

The mHealth service enhances dental practice communication for more inclusive, streamlined care.

The impact will lower the cost and burden of dental disease for users and insurers, and improve the patient care and workflows for practitioners. 

FaceWell Founder

Dr Christine May

Principal Dentist Dr Christine May BDS(Hons) USyd BHSc(TCM) UTS

Hi!  After twenty plus years working in the dental industry across Australia, I've become an enthusiastic advocate for mouth-body wellbeing: improving health via knowledge of the links between oral health and total body wellness.  I have extensive career experience in general, cosmetic, special needs, complex and HIV dental medicine, aged care, dental phobia management and rural and remote dentistry.

I also have qualifications in Chinese medicine and facial injectables. I've completed advanced courses in dental sleep medicine, orofacial myology, integrative nutrition, naturopathy, yoga and massage.

I'm a health writer and have had articles published in the media. Check out the blog for more.

I’m now excited by the world of digital technology and virtual care for improving dental communication and delivery.

I've been a clinical educator at Sydney University and give lectures to the profession on teledentistry and integrative dental medicine topics.

I'm based in Sydney. I enjoy fitness, food, house music, dancing, riding my vespa, and exploring new places and cultures around the globe with my partner, especially when it's not beach weather at home.  


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