Patient Information

Personal Registration

You can pre-register your contact and health details with us in our secure, encrypted cloud based dental software platform. The information we collect from you helps our dentists assess, diagnose, offer professional oral health advice, provide an e-prescription or provisional treatment plan and estimate, and organise appropriate health professional referrals. The more information we have from you about your total health status, the better the quality of service and advice we can provide you. You will be required to update these details each time you use the FaceWell Teledentistry service.

These forms take approximately 5-20 minutes to complete, depending on the complexity of your medical history and current concern. 

Personal Contact Details

It's a requirement of law for your true identity to be supplied in order to provide professional medical advice, medical referrals and/or medical prescriptions. These details authenticate your identity and ensure we connect the right information with the right person for each and every teledentistry consult. Regrettably we cannot conduct a teledentistry consult with you without this information. If you wish to discuss this further, please email us at

Medical History Form

This is a standard form used in all dental practice settings. We require to know about your overall health status, any medications or supplements you may be taking, and operations you've had, any allergies or adverse health events in your past. There is a strong connection between the mouth and the health of the rest of your body. We place the highest importance on your continued wellbeing by ensuring any advice, prescriptions, treatment plans or referrals we may provide you don't adversely impact on your current health situation.

We require this form to be updated by you every time you use our service.

Current Concern Form

To help us be best prepared for your consult, we need to know the purpose for your enquiry. The more detailed information you can provide us, including photos and radiographs (x-rays), the better the advice and help we can give you. The form is structured to lead you through a diagnostic process, simply and quickly. Have your phone camera on hand to upload pictures of all relevant information.

We require this form to be updated by you every time you use our service.

Informed Consent Signature

You will be asked to digitally sign each completed form. You will be asked to read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy prior to signing. Your signature indicates you understand what's involved and consent to undertaking a FaceWell Teledentistry consult. Parents, guardians, authorised carers can sign on behalf of minors (under age 16) or medically incapacitated people.

You can use a stylus, an arrow key, or your fingertip to sign on your smart device.

Internet Browser

FaceWell consults work best through either the Google Chrome or Firefox internet browsers. Video consults cannot be undertaken using the Apple Safari or Windows Explorer browsers. Please download either Chrome or Firefox via the hyperlinks to the smart device you will use, before your scheduled video-consult appointment. 

You will need a minimum internet upload speed of 0.25Mb/s, 0.7Mb/s or better is recommended. A minimum download speed of 0.8Mb/s, 1.1Mb/s or better is recommended. A latency or ping of less than 150 milliseconds is needed. Most ADSL, mobile or fixed broadband, wifi, or NBN connections across Australia have this minimum speed. You can test your internet speed at SpeedTest. To ensure internet efficiency during your consult, please close all other applications on your device, prior to starting. 


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Health Professionals

At FaceWell we know the key to good health and wellbeing for patients often involves a multidisciplinary, integrative approach. We want to partner with exceptional, passionate health professionals in every modality who can look after our customers to the highest standards, for excellent outcomes and peace-of-mind.

Become a FaceWell referral health professional 

FaceWell dentists complete online virtual consults with all patients, either via email, chat or video consult. These patients will often need face-to-face care with dental and other health providers. 

These patients want more than the cheapest price from their health providers. They value their time and yours. They understand the importance of good quality service, products and customer experience. They want to change their health.

We've resolved many of the surprises that patients encounter at an initial consult. Patients are given information, fact sheets and other resources to best inform them about their potential health needs before they get to your door. The medical jargon has been deciphered for them, so they truly understand what needs to happen. They've had time to do more research, think about their options, discuss it with trusted others and come to a place of acceptance with their health situation.

These patients have decided they want take control and improve their health situation before they visit your practice. They understand the processes and costs involved. They will most likely have checked with their health funds to their specific coverage limits and co-payment expectations. 

FaceWell patients are ready to start their health improvement journey now. Are you ready to guide them on the journey to better mouth-body health?

Get pre-screened, educated, motivated patients direct to you

The acquisition cost of new patients with standard digital and ground marketing strategies can be upwards of $80 per patient. There is zero guarantee that these leads are the "right fit" culturally for your practice. Conversion rates can be as low as 3%.  Retention rates are just as low. Many of these new patients are focused on price only, not service value or health outcome improvement. They bounce from provider to provider, sourcing the cheapest introductory deals, never returning or building loyalty with a practice beyond the initial visit. They can frequently miss appointments, reschedule at short notice, be resistant to targeted health information and be difficult to work with.

FaceWell patients are committed to building a long-term relationship with a health provider that truly understands their specific needs. Are you ready to work with patients that value your unique skill set without spending a fortune on marketing?

Introduce more A patients into your practice

We all have favourite patients. The one's that are a pleasure to treat and cause little or no stress for you or your staff. They turn up, and turn up on time, they pay as they go, they follow your advice and they get outcomes from treatment you want to write case studies about. FaceWell patient referrals have taken the initiative to ask questions before presenting at a health practice. They've been educated and want to see you because they feel confident you will best meet their specific needs, including: cultural nuances, languages spoken, specific services, or location. 

An A patient is grateful for your service and professionalism. They keep coming back and develop loyalty. They tell their friends and family about you. We help groom patients to be A patients by instilling confidence in the quality of care they will get via our referral services and information.

Would you like to see more of your favourite types of patients, more regularly?

Reduce workday stress and improve productivity

Pre-screened patients with provisional treatment plans mean you and your staff can be better prepared for their visit. You can work more efficiently. You can eliminate some talking and diagnostic steps. You can plan longer appointments to get more done. You can work optimally, saving time and energy and maximising outcomes for the patient, you, your staff and your business. 

Would you like to have more time, energy and resources to do more of what you love in your life?

Register now to become a FaceWell referral health professional

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Workplace Wellness

Save time away from work and keep your team smiling for your clients

Having to take time out from the workday to go to the dentist is annoying. Broken meetings, missed deadlines, traffic, and multiple visits all detract from your ability to perform well at work. We solve that problem for you and your team by becoming part of your corporate wellness program suite. 

You can talk to our dental professionals from the office, site, car or home. Troubleshooting your dental concerns and formulating a time-effective, cost-effective management strategy that aligns with your work priorities, while still proactively addressing your health needs to keep you smiling for your clients.

Contact us to discuss how best to integrate our oral health workplace wellness solution into your business today.

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