Teledentistry Pricing

Choose the teledentistry package and extras that best suit your oral health needs today

* Telehealth services are currently exempt from private health insurance rebates, however this is likely to change in mid-late 2019.


Option A allows you to securely upload your Personal Health Information (PHI) anytime, anywhere. You will complete online forms that help us to best answer your query. 

We’ll review the information you’ve supplied and give you a written report, provisional diagnosis and suggested next steps to best resolve your oral health concern within 2 business days of receiving the completed PHI information and forms. 

NB: e-prescriptions and medical certificates cannot be provided with this type of consult. Please choose the Face Forward or Full Face Consult option if you believe you will need prescription medication of any kind, or a certificate for your problem.

Option B gives you ALL of option A PLUS a 20 minute online video consult with one of our dentists at a scheduled time.

Troubleshoot your burning oral health questions in real time with an Australian-registered dentist. e-Prescriptions and medical certificates can be provided where indicated with this service.  It also gives you access to diagnostic test referrals such as x-ray radiographs and sleep studies if needed.

NB: current radiographs (x-rays) will greatly improve the value of this service. A referral to get these from your nearest radiography clinic and bulk-billed via Medicare (some exceptions apply) can be provided prior to your scheduled video consult.

The full range of consult extras are available for additional fees, including medical certificates. See below.

Option C gives you ALL of option B  PLUS a provisional treatment estimate and extended follow up care included.

NB: Medical certificates and printed and posted reports are extra. See below.

Teledentistry Consult Extras

Printed & Posted Report

All written reports from consults will be emailed to the address provided. For an additional printed reported posted with Australia post, please provide us with the best postage address for you to receive this report.

NB: available with ALL consults


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Medical Certificate

We can produce a valid medical certificate if needed and justified for your current oral health condition. You must be experiencing an oral health complaint that is preventing you from going about your normal daily activities to be eligible for this certificate. 

NB: only available with a Face or Full Face Consult.


Provisional Dental Treatment Estimate

Following a Forward or Face  Consult, we can generate a provisional, estimated treatment plan. This includes possible item numbers that may be used and be claimable with your private health fund. This can help you understand possible treatment required and outline potential costs and DVA or health fund savings prior to starting any treatment with a dentist. 

NB: this extra is included in the Full Face Consult.

NB: these quotes are indicative only, using the Australian Dental Association 2017 private practice dental item code survey median prices. Final treatment plans and estimates will be generated by the dentist who undertakes any physical dental work for you.

Follow Up Care 

For complex situations or for complete peace-of-mind, schedule a 10 min follow-up video-consult up to 14 business days after the initial Face Consult PLUS get extended online chat access to a dentist for 20 days (from the date of the initial consult, maximum chat time 1 hour total). This option must be purchased at the same time as the initial Face  Consult.

NB: this extra is included in the Full Face Consult.

NB: not available as an extra with Forward Consults.

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Teledentistry Services

Online Dental Consults

FaceWell Teledentistry consults take place via a secure video link emailed to you or accessed via your digital calendar.

All you need is a smart device such as a phone, tablet or laptop, with an internet connection. No other special equipment, software or apps are needed. 

Oral Health Screening & Advice

Get specific expert dental advice from a very experienced dentist about your particular concern. Get a provisional condition diagnosis, treatment options, fact sheets and resources to help your decision making process easier. Saving you time and confusion searching "Dr Google".

Specialist Health Practitioner Referrals

We can provide referrals direct to dental and medical specialists, so you can get your health issue resolved faster.

We can match you with a health professional that best meets your needs based on location, languages spoken, clinic access, specialty areas and other bespoke services, for peace-of-mind and convenience.

Diagnostic Services

We can provide referrals for a range of diagnostic services  covered by Medicare to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and time. Most will be bulk-billed, however a gap payment may apply to some services.

Radiology (X-Rays)

We can provide a referral to  your nearest radiology centre to get your OPG, standard dental and CBCT cranial imaging needed for many dental procedures. 

Sleep Studies

We can provide referrals for sleep studies to be completed either at home, or at an observational centre convenient for you.

Medical certificates

Can be provided on request, following a video consult.

Mouth-Body Healthcare

The mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. The mouth is also a barometer of the level of inflammation throughout your body. Oral disease impacts on total body health and vice versa.

We keep abreast of the latest scientific and clinical findings regarding the links between mouth-body health so we can give you the most up-to-date advice for your wellbeing.


We can prescribe medications to get you out of pain and an infection under control, if you can't get to a dentist quickly. 

We can organise a pharmacy prescription for you to pick up medications at the chemist of your choice.


Whether you're an Australian travelling overseas, or an international traveller in Australia, we can provide some local expertise to help you with your dental emergency until you get home.

Written Reports

You will be provided with a written report of all findings and images from the consult that you can keep for your records and share with other health practitioners. This will be emailed to you.  This can be printed and mailed to you if preferred, for a surcharge.

Fact Sheets & Resources

We have a range of fact sheets, blog articles and curated online resources to help you bridge the dental knowledge gap about your oral health condition. 

These may be attached to your written report following your online consult where relevant. 

Private Health Fund & Veterans' Affairs Rebates Apply

Our teledentistry consult and diagnostic services are billable under a number of item codes. Check with your participating Private Health Insurer or Veterans' Gold Card or White Card for your eligibility. You may have no gap or only a small co-payment to pay us for our services.

Dental Phobia Help

We're very aware a visit to the dentist can be an experience that ranges from mild unpleasantness to extreme paranoia for many people. 

We have information and tools to share with you to help. We can refer you to psychologists who are experienced to assist you in overcoming dental anxiety and phobia.

Dietary Advice

We can help with suggestions for eating to improve oral and total body health, or refer you to a specialist nutritionist.

Provisional Dental Treatment Cost Estimates

Dental treatment option quotes can be provided with estimated item numbers for you to access the health fund co-payment amount for your plan, for a surcharge.

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Last update: 29 May 2018

Medications Not Prescribed Via The FaceWell Teledentistry Platform

FaceWell is committed to good dental and medical practice. The following medications require close medical follow up and are best prescribed by your usual GP medical doctor or dentist administering treatment.


Diazepam (Valium, Antenex, Valpam)

Oxazepam (Serepax, Murelax, Alepam)

Clonazepam (Rivotril, Paxam)

Alprazolam (Kalma, Alprax)

Zolpidem (Stilnox, Dormizol, Somidem)

Zopiclone (Imovane, Imrest)


Oxycodone (Endone, Oxycontin, Targin, Oxynorm, Proladone)

High dose Codeine. eg. Panadeine Forte

Hydromorphone (Jurnista), Morphine (Kapanol, MS Contin, Momex, Ordine, Sevredol)

Methadone (Physeptone, Biodone), Buprenorphine (Temgesic, Norspan)

Fentanyl (Abstral, Fentora, Actiq, Duragesic, Denpax, Fenpatch)

Tramadol (Lodam, Tramal, Tramedo, Zydol, Durotram)

Appetite suppressants (Diet Pills)

Dexamphetamine, Slimmm fat burner, Hyper-shred, Fat-buster

Methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta)

Phentermine (Metermine, Duromine)

Antidepressants and Antipsychotics

Quetiapine (Seroquel)

Olanzapine (Zyprexa, Zylap, Zypine)

Amitriptyline (Endep, Entrip)

Hormonal Therapies

Growth Hormone, Leuprorelin (Lucrin), Gonadotrophin releasing hormonal agents, Testosterone

Finesteride, Naltrexone (ReVia), Anabolic steroids, SARMS, Tamoxifen

Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra, Sildenafil etc

Last update: 30 May 2018

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